Beanies Childcare Nursery is a private, family-run day nursery, which is dedicated to offering children the best opportunity to play, discover, learn and grow. Our overriding aim is to provide the highest standard of childcare and early education in a secure and caring environment.

Beanies childcare staff are all enhanced DBS checked and have the academic qualifications and experience necessary to deliver the exceptional service of Beanies. The staff to child ratio that Beanies follows is that of OFSTED requirements.

Beanies childcare respects all children as individuals. Our service is flexible and adapts to individual’s needs, beliefs and dietary requirements or preferences.

We strongly believe in personal communication and we pride ourselves in our ‘Partnership with parents’ philosophy. As a small family-run nursery we feel privileged to have the opportunity to provide feedback to parents on a daily basis. This communication is a two-way process and it is important to us to give parents and children exactly what they need from their childcare provider. Happy children are confident learners and they are happy when they are safe and cared for. We only employ carefully screened and qualified staff, who understand that the way they talk, encourage, praise and support will influence a child’s self-esteem.

Placing a child in nursery is, of course, one of the most important and often difficult decisions that as a parent you will face it is important that you can feel happy in the knowledge that your child / children will be cared for just as they are at home, whilst benefiting from the same traditions and values.